Sunday, April 12, 2015

you'll attract more fans with whine than vinaigre

How does that that old saying go, you'll attract more fans with whine than vinaigre?

I woke up this morning filled with profound Gratitude and Awe that after 14 years of non stop hard work and profound investment in my music, there are 7 people who like my music. WOW! SEVEN people!! ...Amazing. It's true....folk music IS a great livelihood. Can I get an AMEN! SEVEN people! Let's dream big folks... who's number EIGHT? NINE? TEN?? Let's shoot the moon here.... Will you LIKE my new band page?...You'll get videos, guitar lessons, background stories, new songs, slide picking, fiddle tunes, paintings...more than I can share at a concert. OK? Here we go...Ready, set....."LIKE" Thank You! Love, Joe C.
Folk Acoustic Art Fiddle Violin Slide Guitar and soul

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